My 2016 Year End Review

I tend to compare myself to others in the blogging community and I feel less than, I don’t feel like I quite measure up to all the others. I don’t always know where to put commas and I know my grammar isn’t the best, I don’t have a way with words and I’m not an expert at anything. So when I see others doing so well with their writing I kinda feel less than. Stupid I know but I’m human, it happens.

A few weeks ago I asked a friend if she thought I should stop writing on my blog. Her response was no. She explained that one of these days someone may need my help and how it would help for them to be able to read about where it all started and how I got to where I am. Because one of these days I won’t have a probation officer breathing down my neck, I won’t have to breathe in a machine in order to start my car, and the days when DHS visited my house will be so far gone it might be difficult to explain to a woman struggling that “Hey, I’ve been there done that and I made it out alive”, so to have the proof from all the blog posts could somehow someway help someone. And who gives a F*^K about my grammar and punctuation anyway!


This is ME! Perfectly imperfect.



I have seen so many blog posts about how to make it through the holiday and they are all great, so I didn’t see any need to add another to the long list of “How To’s” instead I decided to do a 2016 year end review. I went back through all my photos and posts from 2016 and holy shit I’ve come a long way. It was such a great reminder of all the freaking amazing things that have happened this year. Maybe years from now someone can look at my blog and see that I’ve gone through hell and come out the other side better than before and think to themselves “If she can then maybe I can too!”


This time last year I had no kids, a not so great relationship with the foster parents, an ankle monitor on me, a curfew, and I was scared to death I’d never make it out the hell I called life. Today things are so different. I made a list of some of my favorite things that happened this year. No particular order.

Here’s a few things that happened this year! 

I got this thing off!


Holy shitballs, wearing that thing sucked! I had to wear it for four months as part of the punishment for violating my probation. I had to drive two hours to the place that took it off and I made it there before 7am. To say I was ready to get it off would be understatement. Thank goodness I had to wear it during the winter months! It’s the little things.


I was asked to share my story on the HOME podcast!!


I mean if that’s not cool then I don’t know what is! Holly Whitaker creator of Hip Sobriety sent me a text asking if I’d be interested in telling my story on her and Laura’s podcast and that I could think about it and let her know. There was no thinking about it, hell yeah i wanted to be on it. It was so healing telling my story to them and to so many others. I look up to these women and there they were asking me to tell my story, my messy ugly story. *MIND BLOWN*  The episode came out one year to the day my kids were removed from my home. It wasn’t planned that way but God works in mysterical ways. The picture is of me and my daughter on Easter at my house on the porch. She had to go back to the fosters house that day but my dear friend Melissa took this picture while we had a special moment. I’ll never be able to thank Melissa enough for taking this picture. I’ll cherish it forever.



My kids saw their new house and new rooms for the first time!


The picture says it all. After they were taken away I realized that it was time to move and start fresh. I loved the other house but too much had happened there. Too many nights spent intoxicated. Too many hangovers there. Me and my daughter shared a room, my son felt like it was us against him. Plus that was the house that DHS had come to take them away two times. It was time to start fresh. I fixed up their rooms knowing they would come home eventually but also worried they never would. These are the pictures I took of them as they toured our new house. The perfect house for just us three.



I bought a car for the first time ever in only my name!


I drove illegally for many years. No license, no insurance, no tags.  And I definitely wasn’t working towards getting a car of my own, I always had a cosigner. This past summer I signed the papers for my own vehicle and a freaking minivan at that. Craziness. The van was super clean except for this little movie theater ticket stub from the movie Miracles From Heaven. As I stood by the van alone I picked up the ticket, looked up and said thank you God. Today I get to drive around a million kids and I love it!



I celebrated a year sober on May 19th, 2016!!!


My kids came home full time May 11th, 2016 and on May 19th I celebrated a year sober. As I stood at the podium and the room full of people sang happy birthday to me, my beautiful daughter walked down the long isle with a cupcake and a lit number one candle. I was crying my eyes out. I got a few words out but speaking wasn’t easy as tears of gratitude ran down my face. Makes me so emotional now thinking about it.


My recovery Facebook page was page of the day on the SHE RECOVERS page!!



Holy shitballs is all I have to say about that!! What else is there to say?!?!



I started a nonprofit!!!


It’s called Clean Life.Clean Home. and it’s my way of spreading hope and shining the light on the other side of addiction we so rarely see, RECOVERY. I know I’m only one person but I can still make a difference, even a small one. I hope by doing this the stigma around addiction will fade away and people in recovery can hold their heads high instead of hiding in the shadows afraid of being judged. Plus I get to meet some really awesome ladies like Bonnie who is in the picture above. God put her in my life at the exact moment I needed her. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for 2017 and I can’t wait to meet so many more incredible people living life one day at a time.



I got to go to Austin to meet some really amazing ladies!!


Recovering out loud and sharing my story has connected me to some really really cool ladies in recovery. Here are some of my new friends that I’ve met on this journey. Love you ladies!!



I was asked to share my Survivor Story on Addictive Designs 



Heidi Smith creator of Addictive Designs asked me to be one of the 25 people to share their survivor stories on their page to help raise money for the women and children at the long term facility in Vancouver. 25 stories in the month of December to help provide Christmas gifts for the women and children. What a blessing it is to be apart of an amazing cause. How crazy it is to be asked to apart of something so far away. Just shows you never know who you’ll help by sharing your story.


Me and the fosters have a great relationship now!!


If you had told me a year ago we’d all be taking a picture together I would have said YEAH RIGHT!!  But here we are. All together.  Christmas 2016, fosters, bio, grandmother, boyfriend, and all the kids we all love so dearly. Amazing things can happen when you put your pride to side and work together as a family. The way it should be. Blessed!!



Well there ya have it!!  My 2016 year end review. When people say don’t leave before the miracle happens, don’t leave before the miracle happens! You have no idea what is in store for you if you choose recovery. It’s so crazy how things can work out.

I hope one of these days my kids will read this and see their mom may have screwed up, she may have screwed up a lot and big time, but she got up and kept going. Most of all, I hope they see how much their mom loved them with all her heart. Here’s to 2017 and all the blessings it has in store!!



9 thoughts on “My 2016 Year End Review

  1. What an amazing review and wonderful piece of your life your sharing! Trust me no one is even paying attention to grammar if there even is any mistakes- your story is what they see and it’s inspiring, heartfelt, and real life recovery of hope and life in it! Love you and so glad I’ve watched you in your journey and talking about it bc I’m one of those people in recovery it has helped tremendously!!! Happy 2017 to us all…..

    1. So awesome! It sounds like you have got your life on the right track! And seems that you are an amazing mom to your kids! That’s really great to see. Keep up your fight it looks like your doing great things and helping so many people that could use your help. That’s awesome. And your blog is great!! I would definitely keep it up. Lots of people myself included don’t know if your grammar is right or if your punctuation is right😂. Nice blog

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You have worked so hard and come such a long way. And reading about everything that happened this last year, I am even more amazed by you and your strength. Keep writing and sharing your story!! Who cares about grammar and punctuation?? Your words and your life are what will change someone’s life! Just keep going! You are doing great!! I love you very much!!!

  3. Definitely keep writing. It’s so easy to compare, but remember all our stories are different. We have to keep talking and writing and sharing for all the others out there struggling who need to know how very far from alone they are and how very possible recovery is.

  4. A year like that, for ANYONE would be amazing, but JUST a year sober?? Simply awesome. You jumped right in, heart first, to the part of transformation that keeps us accountable and successful in recovery and in life, giving back and paying it forward. You seem empathetic and authentic and I wouldn’t ever compare your progress or your perception of your supposed “lack of progress” to anyone. I know you already know what I know, and that is your children are ALL that really matters in the end. Remember to also take care of you , however. Because as raw emotions expose to air, man ,it gets tough .

    As far as comparisons, humans, but especially women, naturally compete and compare . We compete and compare ourselves against ourselves and thats not always a bad thing. It’s human spirit that keeps us striving . But, as long as we keep this healthy, our intentions pure and our ego in check, it’s fine. Its when we let the voices of past and negativity scream over our goodnesss that we let it get us down. You know what turned me around? First, losing almost everything. But then, when I had the strength, I started doing what I could to give back and it hit me. I learn from others , they learn from me because we all come from different places and experiences and we are all valuable individuals .There’s just no other you and no other me and you know what ? You’re right , I believe in showing the ugly side as you go through the process of rebuilding because it can and does help many , and will. Getting clean and turning our lives around isn’t done by magic and fairy dust . It’s hard work but we come out better people when we pull through to the other side… and NOTHING motivates those still struggling than a story of hope and then? Between your children, family, friends and those who were inspired , you are accountable and it makes it way harder to let yourself and others down . Good stuff .

    Oh yea, forgive my typos , I’m on a phone and can barely see.

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